Pre-September 2015 Jogging Stroller Fact Sheet

BOB Gear has a long history of selling safe, high-quality products.  We know that parents and caregivers entrust us with the wellbeing of their children while using our products, and we take that responsibility seriously.

BOB is a jogging stroller with specific features our customers look for and value. You can take it running, hiking or off-road. It has a swiveling front wheel for convenient turning and navigating. Because the front wheel can be removed on the go, it folds up easily and compactly for transport and storage.

Pre-September 2015 Jogging Stroller Fact Sheet

  • All BOB jogging strollers are safe when used as intended in accordance with instructions and warnings.
  • The quick release mechanism, which secures the removable front wheel to the frame, is a widely used feature in both bicycles and strollers and has a decades-long history successful use.
  • The strollers have been rigorously tested, often going above and beyond U.S. performance requirements. 
  • The strollers comply with industry standards and government regulations, including the wheel retention performance requirement (ASTM as adopted by CPSC unanimously in 2014), before it became effective.
  • The BOB design includes an axle with the quick release cam device and an added built-in secondary retention mechanism on the fork to hold the wheel securely in place. 
  • Helpful Resources for BOB jogging strollers manufactured before September 2015:
  • BOB Gear Consumer Services / Warranty Department: 888-427-4829 (704-409-1699 if calling from outside the United States) Monday, Thursday 8:30 AM – 5:45 PM ET, Friday, 9 AM – 4:45 PM

History of BOB

The BOB jogging stroller was first launched by BOB Trailers, 1997. A swivel locking front wheel was introduced in 2005. In 2011, Britax Child Safety, Inc. acquired and began sales of BOB strollers in the U.S. For more information, visit:


At BOB Gear, safety is at our core.  Everything we do is driven with a focus on a commitment to safety. We stand by every aspect of the BOB jogging strollers.